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My Approach to Counselling

There are many different counselling styles and tools used in therapeutic work. My approach to counselling is integrative and responsive to your needs, preferences and belief systems. It also reflects my core training in Transactional Analysis (TA), a talking therapy that provides valuable insights into why we think, feel and behave as we do.


TA therapy is founded on the idea that we are born with the ability to make changes, but our past experiences and present difficulties can limit this. In counselling we will gently, unravel these old patterns together and explore these stories, taking time to recognise the impact they have on you. With these insights we can then uncover new possibilities, ways to support yourself and enable you to gain more choice over your responses, whatever challenges you maybe facing.

My approach to counselling is also influenced by my interest in the mind/body connection.

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Have you ever wondered why, when you are anxious or stressed, you're brain goes off-line?

The latest research in neurobiology suggests this can result from your body experiencing a chronic flight, fight or freeze response. This occurs when your nervous system believes it is in danger and switches resources away from the brain to the body.

When this occurs, talking therapy alone is often ineffective, as our thinking has "gone off-line. This is why at Space to FIow, I offer a range of somatic and creative, therapeutic techniques to help rebalance your nervous system and regain a sense of your core self and possible future options.

Qualifications and Experience

Level 6 Diploma in Counselling

I trained at the Link Centre where I studied Transactional Analysis. This course is accredited by the National Counselling Society.

Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy

Additional Counselling Skills Training 

Beginners Counselling Skills Certificate

Intermediate Counselling Skills Certificate

Advanced Counselling Skills Certificate

Trauma Counselling and Somatic Therapy

Certificate in Interpersonal Neurobiology. This course focused on the mind/body connection and techniques to help regulate the nervous system.

I have completed additional training in body-centered, therapy and trauma therapy.

Bereavement Counselling/Volunteering

I have volunteered as a bereavement counsellor at St. Wilfrid's Hospice in Eastbourne, a NHS volunteer at Langley Green Hospital and for Sistershare, a local women's listening group, in Crawley.

I receive regular supervision of my work and continue to update and improve my knowledge.

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